Monojit Paul

Property Consultancy [KONSUL10]

Under the banner KONSUL10, my property consultancy services has been offering able guidance and support for individuals and organizations with regard to buying, leasing renting and selling property.
Property management and development are highly tricky subjects. At the same time with regard to properties, a wrong decision shall prove highly risky and expensive. Therefore, while buying or selling properties, you need the able advice of experts who have a renowned experience of handling the most challenging kind of processes and financial transactions involved in property matters.
KONSUL10 provides the most comprehensive range of property consultancy services on A to Z matters related to properties. When you wish to buy or sell or rent or lease your property, you may take our proven support and feel the difference it makes. Some of the salient features of our property consultancy services follow...

Advice on taking the right decisions with regard to buying, selling, renting or leasing properties
Providing insight into market trends and the pros and cons of property related decisions
Multi-purpose valuation and estimation of the properties
Complete handheld assistance with regard to the legal processes involved in buying, selling, renting or leasing properties
Advice and support on wealth building and asset building ventures
Assistance in legal resolution of issues and disputes found in property related matters
Counselling for Investment and property development

I always believe that creating trust is the backbone of successful business relationships. With my genuine interest in people, I like to support individuals with planning for growth. All my property consultancy services are governed by transparency, good will and honesty. These policies have helped my clients take the most profitable decisions with regard to their properties and always experience a sure and positive development.

Advertising Services [KONSUL10]

In a market characterized by a stiff competition between a large number of players in every industry domain, advertising has become a crucial aspect in business growth and development. You might have great products and wonderful services. If you do not have a successful marketing strategy, your business cannot grow. Advertising is the backbone of all marketing initiatives.
KONSUL10 has developed a number of innovative and cutting edge advertisement strategies. We can provide the complete assistance on advertising your products and services in targeted customer circles in the right format using the most appropriate strategy, modes and means. We can also partner with businesses for their complete advertising needs and carryout a structured and planned advertising campaign through different channels.
Whether you are setting up a new business or launching a new product or inviting new customers, each of these goals can be achieved easily with the right kind of advertising solutions. With several types of advertising available, the right choice suiting your need will depend on the target audience and the cost effective option that shall help reach out as many of them as possible. Being experts in this field, we can discuss your business and suggest the most effective forms of advertising that would generate more sales.
We have a long and wide experience in the advertising field and therefore we know what works well for which business. Our business clients have always found our advertising services highly efficient and productive. We undertake all kinds of advertising activities including both indoor and outdoor. Once you approach us for advertising services, we first sit with you to closely understand your business and your aspirations. Then we evolve and prescribe the most effective list of advertising options from which you may choose from.

The salient features of our advertising services include the following
Highly targeted and developed specifically to suit your products and services and the target audience
Shall help build a strong image of your business combined with promoting your brand among a wider audience
Reach out as many prospective customers as possible with the message about your products and services
Create and enhance the awareness of new products and services before, during and after their launch
Create a renewed interest in your products and services in the target market among the existing as well as new customers
Significantly increase the demand for your products and services in the market and generate more sales
Opening up new gates to new opportunities and unconventional ideas.
All our advertising solutions are highly effective and successful as well as moderately priced so that you find them highly desirable and dependable for your business success. We wish to build trust in our clients rather than misguiding them with fanciful words.

Interior Designing

Once you have your home or commercial building built, in the next step, you will want to see that it comes into life by getting the different amenities and embellishments necessary. More than being strong and spacious, every building must be decorated from inside and equipped with the different amenities and arrangements to accommodate a comfortable life or a successful business activity. We are experts in the segment of interior designing and can help your building emerge as a great place to host the activities you have visualized for it. Once you call us, we can inspect your site and take in your inputs on how you would like to use it. Then, we evolve a custom plan and design suiting your budget and needs and discuss with you on how to go about the task at hand. Through our interior decoration services, we have been helping our clients get the best interiors for all kinds of requirements and expectations at highly affordable pricing and thoroughly customized finishing.

Education and Placement KONSUL10

Through our Educational Consultancy Services, we have been helping the youth of our nation avail of the best educational opportunity available in the country and abroad. After their schooling, a lot of youth are today struggling to find the right fit course for them. With our highly potential contacts and knowledge of the educational arena, we have earned the capabilities to help bands of youth get an entry in to some of the high profile higher educational institutes of the country and even some foreign Universities. During the initial discussion with our clients, we clearly understand their dreams, aspirations, aims and objectives in life and will suggest them the right course that will best fit in with their attitude and aptitude. Through our wide contacts in India and abroad, we can give them the handheld assistance to find an entry into top educational institutions.
Exploring the status of the educational consultancy services today, you will find us the most reliable since we really care to create the best opportunities to the youth through this service rather than viewing it as an avenue to earn some money. As against several other educational consultancies available today, we charge only a bare minimum from our student candidates and would eagerly see to that they win a royal entry to their dream course. Come to us and discover the keys to amazing educational opportunities opening up in front of you.